Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Everything is more beautiful on horseback! This sentiment is shared by passionate individuals who appreciate these sensitive and sometimes imposing animals. The Lot region is an ideal destination for equestrian tourism, boasting approximately 1500 kilometers of well-marked trails.

Where to Go for a Pony or Horseback Ride?

On a Journey

Thanks to its well-structured network, the Lot region offers an extensive range of bridle paths. What do you fancy?

A Week on Horseback?

Several multi-day loops are available, from the Causse de Rocamadour to the Quercy Blanc and the Bouriane. You can traverse all the typical landscapes of the Lot region.

Or Maybe the Tour du Lot?

A route shared among hikers, cyclists, and horseback riders. 400 kilometers marked to explore the entirety of Lot and its diverse landscapes.

Preparing Your Itinerant Ride

Seeking more information?

The Equestrian Tourism Association ATE Lot provides external riders with a comprehensive website featuring routes, accommodations, and useful contacts. You can also receive advice and assistance in planning your itinerary.

Equestrian tourism association website

Welcoming Places

In the Causse de Labastide-Murat area, they can host you at:

Labeled as Horse Friendly in Lot.

Situated along or near a hiking trail, establishments labeled Horse Friendly ensure specific amenities for riders, including quality infrastructure. Upon arrival, you’ll find water, hay, and secure paddocks for your horse. A tying bar and covered tack room are available. Accommodations for riders are also provided for a restful night after a day of riding!

All Horse Friendly Establishments

Our Accessible Horseback Rides

Among our hiking trails, some are suitable for horseback riding. Well-marked and secure, these paths offer a delightful afternoon and a chance to discover the nature of the Causse. You can also combine several rides for an extended experience.

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