Secret valleys

Secret valleys

The history of the Department Lot is closely linked to water. This natural element has shaped the current landscape and continues its work slowly, without our realizing it. Our territory is crossed by two valleys : the secret and wild Vers’ valley and the fresh and green Célé valley.

Célé Valley

The Cele river has its source in the Massif Central, not far from the Lot, at in altitude of 715 meters and travels 104,4 km before joigning the Lot river, at Bouziès, a town near Saint-Cirq-Lapopie.

Its path traces its route throw the Department of Cantal and Lot, digging into the limestone plateau of the Causses du Quercy.

The valley thus formed is a great place to outdoor activities. Hiking, equestriam tourism, canoeing, climbing, caving but also cycle tourism, mountain biking, swimming or even rangling are the range of outdoor activites that it’s possible to practice there.